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Tips and tricks for relocation

Guide to Better Relocation Planning

February 2nd, 2015

relocationAs Abraham Lincoln once quoted, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” If you think it through, that line stresses on the importance of planning in every task. To carry on and accomplish a goal, motivation isn’t the only thing that sets the ball rolling. This should be enough reason for you to believe on its importance. Take home relocations for example. There is a huge difference when you plan ahead and when you don’t or when you do so but it’s a tad bit too late. Relocation planning is not and will never be limited to companies and businesses alone. Even if you are doing it on your own or with your family, then you still have to do it. So you ask: How do I go about it then? Worry not because here are some tips from the professionals at Amber Moves.

LIST DOWN YOUR TASKS – This includes everything to be blunt about it. You have to be specific about it too. This will help in determining how much work there is to do and at the same time matching them with the person who does it and how much time is needed for it.

ALLOT A TIME FRAME – It is important to put up deadlines. Most people will be more productive when they have a timeframe in mind. This keeps procrastination away.

KNOW THE PEOPLE INVOLVED – Assign each task and time frame to people. It can be you, your family or friends. If you are working with movers then this includes them for most of the part but then again you will still have chores to do personally which you can’t turn over to them.

KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO WORK WITH – It is wise to take a look at your belongings and inventory them. This will give you a better idea as to how much time you need as well as the type and bulk of packing supplies to be bought.

HAVE A BUDGET DRAFTED – Expenses will be present so have a budget prepared to better organize and manage your finances.

HAVE A SCHEDULE MAPPED – Get a calendar, a planner or a notebook and have all these written down. Don’t rely on your memory alone because chances are you might forget some stuff or mix them up.

Keep those Amber Moves tips in check and in use. Oh and remember, a good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week. Do it and don’t waste it and leave it on paper.

London Office Movers on Corporate Files and Document Safety While Moving

October 31st, 2014

london office moversIn business, relocation signify a good type of change for most cases. This means a transfer to a bigger space and to a better location. It may also denote growth and the opening of a new branch or office. What entrepreneur would not say yes to that? Moving although brought about by growth and new opportunities also come with lots of work. You have people and equipment to begin with. You have to relocate them too and with that the need to safeguard corporate files and documents. Losing them can become a big headache and will put you into a far bigger stress than you initially though it will. But how exactly do you ensure that nothing is lost and damaged during the process? London office movers have the following tips to help you achieve that.

TIP # 1: Plan everything ahead and talk to your team. It would even be best if you have a moving team composed of key personnel form different departments to head the process. This way information is better communicated and inputs are taken from all across the organization.

TIP # 2: Only call the right removal firm. It is nearly impossible for a business relocation to happen without these professionals. Not only are they trained on what to do, they basically have the experience to back that up. Plus, who doesn’t want the safety net of insurance?

TIP # 3: Consider your options. This will also depend on the type and the bulk of files and documents that you have. Are they in digital format or, in paper or maybe both? Exactly how many are there? You have to know because such will dictate what backup device you will be getting. There are cloud storages out there and hard drives for the former. Paper files can be boxed up in cartons while highly confidential ones may need a vault.  Match your needs to your choices well.

TIP # 4: Don’t skimp on quality. When picking out your storage and backup services and even your packing and safety supplies, always look for quality. It is but second nature to be cost effective but never sacrifice quality for cheap. That cloud service may be cheap but what if they mess up and lose all your files or worse make public what should not be?

TIP # 5: Know your inventory. This ensures that you have everything packed and backed up, loaded into the truck and brought to the new office. No one wants to keep guessing if everything is complete or if something was left behind. London office movers stress that proper labeling goes a long way to help achieve this.

Home and Mover Advice for a Safer Relocation with Kids

September 2nd, 2014

Children are such a delight, aren’t they? But we all must admit that their seemingly bottomless amount of energy can drain ours. Plus, those pesky tantrums can become such a pain should they pop up in very important situations one of which is when the family is about to make a move. Relocating in itself can become a chore and so much more if you have kids running around the place. What is there to do? We’ve gathered some home and office mover advice to help you have a safer relocation with kids.

GET A BABY SITTER. – If your kids are relatively young or well to put it straight a tad bit too naughty, getting them a baby sitter while you do the packing and other heavy chores will help a lot. Plus, having them out of the place will keep them safe from tumbling into boxes or finding sharp and harmful objects. Hello cutter and scissors?

GO FOR PROFESSIONAL MOVERS. – If you prefer to be the hands on parent and do not want to leave your kid to a baby sitter, friend or relative then by all means get professional movers. They will do the whole process of the move and you can take care of your kid. Voila!

GIVE KIDS SOMETHING TO DO. – If they are big enough and can follow instructions, give them something to be busy about. You can make them pack little things like toys and socks. You can also give them a drawing book and ask them to write and draw about their fondest memories in your home. Keeping them busy with something will keep them out of the way.

SCHEDULE EVERYTHING UP. – To ensure that nothing goes berserk, schedule everything up and remember to consider your child’s needs and routines. Need a quiet and peaceful time to pack your knives and plates? Do this while they nap or sleep.

moving with kidsMAKE SURE THAT THEY REMAIN COMFORTABLE. – During the actual moving day, see to it that they are comfortable. Children have very short attention spans and can easily get bored. Bring with you some form of entertainment in the car like a book or toy. Also be sure to pack in enough food, snacks and extra clothes. Pillows are a must too should they want to sleep during the ride.

BRING MEMORIES AND MAKE NEW ONE. – Some kids do not like moving simply because of the change it brings. Home and office movers advise parents to simply explain to the kid the situation. Allow them some time to bond with friends and schoolmates. You could even include them when choosing for new decorations and paint colors for the new place.

Reminders from London Office Movers on How to Prepare for Your Relocation

April 9th, 2014

It’s about time to move your business to a bigger office. Congratulations! That deserves a toast. It only means that things are doing well and you are climbing up the ladder. Now with that said you have to get going with how you are planning to move out of your old place and into your new office. Sadly, this part is no magic and will require work. A lot of it actually but hey this should not stop you. You’ve got a growing business to run! To make things lighter and less of a burden, expert London office movers have a list of advice for us. Here you go.

  1. office-removalGet your schedule ready. If this means getting your desk calendar, clicking through your laptop or tapping over in your smart phone, you have to put things in a definite time frame. From the planning stage to the packing to the transporting to the unpacking and to the finish line. Yes, every single one of it. Of course, this needs careful brainstorming.
  2. Get a team. Small or big, businesses have more people and assets to take care of. You will need professionals to help you get things done fast and right. You have to go and contact professional movers. If your business is really big then by all means set up a team to head the moving operations alongside the movers.
  3. Safeguard your records. By all means back everything up. Make sure that all your important documents are kept safe and that you have them stored safely. It can be a hard drive or a cloud service. There are many options to suit your needs and preference. Also see to it to discard and shred all other files that are of no use anymore. Do not bring any trash with you.
  4. Keep everyone informed. Tell your employees, suppliers and customers. You would not want to catch them off guard. Employees need to pack their personal stuff and prepare their cubicles. Suppliers will want to know if you want to continue doing business with them and where else will they send your orders? Of course, you should inform your customers. You do not want them to think that business closed down.
  5. Be sure that the new place is ready. No not the floor plan but the structure itself. You have to move in immediately. A business on the move means operations are at a minimal if not on pause.

Are you Looking for a London Removal Company

December 2nd, 2013

So it’s a new chapter in your life and a new opportunity and new beginnings await you. Most often than not, moving is a good thing. It can signal a new career break, your first year at a university, a better home for the family and all other reasons. Despite that many people think of it as tiresome, stressful and so daunting a task. This should not be the case. Even if it could indeed require work it shouldn’t be depressing or anything near that. One can make it fun and less stressful with the help of a London removal company.

removal companyA removal company or more commonly referred to as movers is a business that specializes in helping individuals, families and businesses relocate their homes, offices and operations to a new area. They offer a number of services from planning to packing to transporting and even up to unpacking all of which depend on the agreement between them and their customers. Now, what should you look for in one? We’ve made a list to guide you in your search.

SERVICE OPTIONS AND ALTERNATIVE: It would be advisable to transact with one who gives you different options or choices depending on the services that you would want done. Whether you need them for the planning, packing, transportation, unpacking and even for storage, find one who can hit the jackpot when it comes to your needs.

TRAINED STAFF: This job comes with a definite training and a lot of necessities. Just because one can carry a load of boxes doesn’t guarantee that they can do the job well. Besides, there is much more to moving than just the carrying of stuff. There are special items that need special handling and all that. Find a company that provides adept training and skill improvement to their employees.

ACCREDITATION: The National Guild of Removers and Storers for one is an organization that seeks to maintain and improve the quality of service and standards of the moving industry with its series of evaluations. If you want to ascertain the quality of service and see to it that you are hiring a legit business then try to see if they have been accredited by the National Guild of Removers and Storers.

FLEXIBILITY: This is also very important for any London removal company. Chances are you will want to move at a time most convenient to you. If you are going for a residential move then you would probably prefer to do it during your days off. For companies, those outside office hours are preferred so as not to halt operations. Your movers should be flexible enough to work with you and your schedule.

Searching for the Best Removal Companies in London

September 11th, 2013

researchThere are loads of moving services available in the market nowadays and it is important for you to determine which one to hire your needed services from. There are characteristics that you should look for and these you must ascertain that they possess. These include but are not limited to reasonability of price, flexibility, skills and expertise, experience, time management, contract and insurance bearing, trustworthy and most of all legit. So where exactly can you find the best removal companies in London? Where and to whom can you turn to? We’ve got your backs covered. Read on and find out.

Hop on the Cyber world

We know very well that the evolution in technology brought a lot of changes to people’s everyday living. Most businesses set up and maintain their own corporate websites where they post important announcements, list down their products and services, communicate their history and make known their brand to the market. Removal companies are no different. If you want to find movers in your area, the internet is a good place to find them. It’s fast, easy and convenient. Do take caution though and read as much as you can. Remember that scams are everywhere and there will always be people who would take advantage of others. Take heed by understanding the terms and conditions, asking as well as reading reviews and feedback from their customers.

Reach out for the trusty old directory

Even if everything seems to be happening over wires and gadgets, we will always have our beloved phone directories and you’d find loads and loads of useful information there which is of course contact details of both individuals and establishments. Simply flip over to the page labeled with the right category and voila! You’re good to go.

Phone a friend

No, this is not the game show called “Who wants to be a millionaire”. The idea however is still the same. Call a friend and ask for their opinion. One of the best ways to find the best removal companies in London is by getting a recommendation from friends, family and colleagues. According to statistics, an average individual moves around seven times in their lifetime so chances are you know someone who has already hired movers. Ask for their advice, their stories and their opinions may it be both good and bad. You can get a great deal of ideas from them so don’t hesitate to ask.

What to Look for in a London Removal Company

September 4th, 2013

The jam packed boxes are scattered all over the place and you’re not so sure where you placed those expensive china or where you slipped your favorite pair of boots. The house is so messed up and the items to pack have been piling and piling like crazy and it’s driving you nuts. You wake up with droopy eyes and go to sleep tired, exhausted and over fatigued. “I should have hired movers”, you tell yourself. So you went to get your phone directory and dialed the first number that came to sight. Wait a minute! Don’t make another mistake! Before you actually choose which London removal company to get services from, you should first ascertain that they can indeed provide you with what you need. Besides, you are hiring them to get stress off of your system and having one who gives no quality whatsoever will only do you more harm than good. So what should you look for in a good removal firm like Amber Moves? Here are key characteristics to look for.

removal companiesOn top of this list is of course price. With the rising cost of living everyone wants to get the best value for their money. We don’t want cents wasted. Not even one! So you should look for one that can give you exactly this. It does not mean that you should go for the cheapest quote as well nor for the most expensive one. A good company will bill you an amount that is fit for the quality you get. Reasonable is our adjective of choice here.

Flexibility is another thing. Different customers have different needs therefore you would need professionals who are flexible and can bend depending on the circumstances. Other people may only have to move from a single point to another while others may require stopovers and longer travel. They should also be able to work within your schedule and not the other way around.

You should also look for those with great customer review and feedback. This should be fairly easy as the internet can provide you with this fast. Also a reputable London removal company will gladly let you in on their customers and their experiences with them. We’ve all heard nightmare stories of people who go on and purchase stuff without even reading about it and its feedback. So do your little research well.

They should stick to the agreement and have a contract drafted. One way to assure that you get the services you want and agreed to is by having a contract. When you are presented with one read it carefully. Be wary of those scams and hidden charges. Ask if you must.

A London Removals Company Sheds Out the Secrets on Packing like a Pro

August 22nd, 2013

Packing is inevitable in every home move and even if people have undergone this change for a number of times already, they still find packing very troublesome, tiring, nerve wrecking and energy depleting. Then you wonder how come movers and removal firms always get the job done. Their success lies in their expertise, skill and experience. Besides you cannot perform a task well and get exemplary results if you don’t know everything about it down to the very core. To help you with that, UK’s leading London removals company shares with us helpful tips and useful insights to make packing a breeze.

Couple moving houseBefore anything else, keep yourself comfy and ready for the challenge ahead. Go for a top that’s a little on the loose side and will provide proper ventilation to keep you from sweating. Cotton shirts are a good choice Pair it with matching trousers that are within the same criteria. Wear shoes that provide full coverage to your feet and have a good arch support. Always wear socks and avoid wearing slippers. Sneakers or running shoes are great options as they will protect your feet in case of any injuries as when you drop a heavy item or stumble on a piece of furniture.

Gather the right packing supplies such as wardrobe boxes, cartons in different sizes, Ziploc bags, tape, bubble wrap, markers, stickers, Styrofoam inserts and other materials you deem necessary. Avoid cutting costs here as poor supplies equals damaged belongings.

The above however does not mean that you cannot score great supplies in low costs. Here are some clues on where to find good boxes when you have a tight budget:

  1. For items that are heavy and bulky like books, magazines and clothes, score cartons from bookshops and educational supplies shops. These come thick, sturdy and with a strong base. Besides, they used to contain novels and lots of paper so expect the best.
  2. In the event that you want those that are sturdier and can protect fragile items like glass, plates and your expensive china, acquire boxes from liquor and wine stores. The best part? Some of these come with dividers and inserts.
  3. Avoid asking from grocery stores as those may come with insects due to food spills.

Get organized. Remember to always label your boxes:

  1. Use numbers as a control or a means to facilitate the inventory of your possessions.
  2. Always write down the room to which the box’s contents belong to.
  3. Use stickers and colored markers and designate a hue for each room.

Thanks to London’s leading removals company, packing should come easy now. If you want some guide on moving check this page.

The Beauty and Comfort of Office Movers

July 10th, 2013

Most businesses during their growing up years start small. They often rent a less costly and a more confined space which isn’t within the confines of the expensive leases of the metro but are still near enough to cater to their target clients. This is nothing to be ashamed of since this is actually a smart decision when you are still starting. The thing is as your company grows it also has to expand due to the increase in operations needing more jobs and people and ultimately more space. There will always come a time when you just have to move. Don’t frown as this means a whole new chapter to your business and growth is something every entrepreneur desires. The only downside is that moving is not easy. It’s not easy at all. In fact trying to do it all on your own can pose numerous disadvantages. It is to be noted that relocating an office is nothing near relocating a home. This is why it is best to get office movers on your side.

There are countless reasons why getting professional help is best. Provided below are only a few of the benefits of hiring your very own office movers to cater to your needs.

office moversTime is always of the essence. You’ve probably heard by now that a company on the move is a business on hiatus. That is definitely true. How do you expect your workers to carry on with their day to day tasks when all their computers and equipment are all boxed up? Movers due to their skill, expertise and experience can get work done faster. You’ll be done before you know it.

Packing? Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Packing is probably the most tiring task of all. Think of all those computers, office tables, furniture and equipment. Don’t forget the filing cabinets and your humungous stash of documents. Imagine packing all of these on your own. Even if every single one of your employees help out, it will remain a herculean task given the fact that no one knows how to pack different items right in the first place. Office movers can get this done for you so you can sit back, relax and focus on your operations.

Stay worry and frown free. Office movers and their services come with insurance. In the event that things do not go as planned, losses, damages and breakage occur, transportation delays happen and all other unwanted and unexpected events, you are assured that their related costs are covered up.

Common Misconceptions about Office Movers in London That You Should Ditch!

June 28th, 2013

Just like a celebrity, movers have their own set of misconceptions and prevaricated beliefs. Without the right amount of knowledge and research, it is fairly easy to jump in the bandwagon and go with whatever other people’s opinions are. This should not be so as we all know that we commit mistakes especially when it comes to first impressions. Also, it’s better to spend time reading and researching than feeling sorry later. To help you determine which of your ideas are true and which should be flushed down the drain, read up about the common misconceptions about office movers in London.

Something is bound to break or get lost.

Because they provide insurance, many people expect that one or two of their belongings are bound to break. This is definitely a myth. Insurance is provided to actually assure customers of the quality of service given. This will even make them take an extra and more conscious effort to take care of your stuff. It’s basically the same as buying a gadget like a cell phone. Have you noticed how well established brands have longer warranties for defects? That is because they are confident of their product’s quality. The same goes for office moving companies.

Insurance covers everything.

In relation to the above, do know that different firms offer different types of insurance which may have a different coverage from the other. There are those who offer a better type and coverage than others. There are even those which are misleading. The best way to find out if the insurance offered to you is indeed good is by making your research and asking questions non stop. Read the contract carefully as well and don’t sign unless you have completely understood all the terms and conditions.

You have to buy them food.

Although there is completely nothing wrong with a few cups of coffee and cake, you are not expected or required to buy food for your movers. Certainly not! There is however this popular tradition of doing so. Earlier on and even today, there are people who ask friends and neighbors for help. To show their gratitude, they buy them lunch, snacks and all sorts of knickknacks. Your movers do not expect you to buy for them too as it is their job and they get paid for it but a few cups won’t hurt. That is if you wan to.

Take a sweaty ride on the moving truck.

When you hire office movers in London, you do not by any means have to ride on the truck even if you’re the owner or the manager. These professionals got you covered.