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What’s in a Name: Tony Bloom

September 18th, 2017

tony bloom name“What’s in a name that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet?” was the famous line from Shakespeare’s masterpiece and undying classic Romeo and Juliet. But as much as monikers were devised as a tool for use when referring to something or someone, names have evolved and have come to mean more than letters and sound combined. Take the name Tony Bloom for example. It’s got heart, hard work, and grit personified. But why? Now that’s what we’re here for.

Tony or Anthony Grant Bloom was born in the seaside resort town of Brighton England during the ‘70s, a time we can all attribute to the first computer game (Pong), miniskirts, space voyages, groovy tape decks, microwaves, color television, and flared pants.

Young Tony however wasn’t as much into music, television or fashion growing up. Like his kin, he was a boy who was swept into the world of football. Matches at the Goldstone Ground were memorable moments for him and ones he often shared with his father, grandfather and brother. Little did he know that this childhood passion would come to accompany his name later on.

After spending his primary and secondary education at Lancing College, Tony took up and finished a mathematics degree at the Manchester University before ending up at Earnest and Young as an options trader. A stint he later left in 1993 to pursue his interests in business and investments.

A risk taker but also a wise strategist, Tony managed to make his investments and ventures flourish thereby creating a conglomerate for himself that spewed out enough equity for him to enjoy life’s luxuries at a young age.

By the year 2000, he had enough to enter the Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club as a major stockholder and in May of 2009, he bought majority share and succeeded Harry Dick Knight into the chairmanship.

As his first project, he wanted to bring the Seagulls home. Everyone knows that the club had no home base since 1997 after Goldstone Ground was controversially sold in a futile and vain bid to pay off debts. The £93 million American Express Community Stadium was erected to end those grueling 12 years. Additionally, Tony had the fully equipped American Express Elite Football Performance Centre.

In 2011, Tony Bloom founded the Bloom Foundation with the advocacy on ending poverty and helping relieve people of its effects. He also co-founded the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Foundation with his wife Linda.