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Things You May or May Not Know About Tony Bloom

January 4th, 2017

tony-bloomTony Bloom is no doubt an overachiever. This is probably why his name rings a bell. He’s been everywhere from sports to business to charities. The man’s made quite a name for himself and so much more. But just in case, we have the following list of things that you may or may not know about the man.

His birth name is Anthony Grant. – Tony is just a nickname. Born to the family of Blooms in 1970, he grew up in the English seaside resort town of Brighton which is about an hour south of London by train.

He came to love football early. – Much of this is attributed to the fact that the Bloom family loved the sport so much. They were ardent fans who supported their town’s club both emotionally and financially. Tony would often recall watching matches at the Goldstone Ground as a kid together with his relatives. He would even ride the train with them to watch away games.

He attended elite institutions. – For his initial years, Tony attended Lancing College, a co-educational English independent school in the British public school tradition founded back in 1848. He then took up and finished a degree in mathematics at Manchester University, one of UK’s best and ranks 33 in the world.

He worked at an accountancy firm. – Right after graduation, he got a job as an options trader at accountancy firm Ernst & Young in 1993. He left a little later on to pursue his personal business ventures which al proved to be very successful and lucrative up to this day.

He became a football club chairman. – In 2009, he bought out majority share and became Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club’s chairman, a post he holds up to this very day. He succeeded then chairman Harry Dick Knight.

He spearheaded two major infrastructures. – Tony Bloom was beloved by not only the club but also by its fans after he ended the 12 year stint of the Albions without a home. He helped financially secure the construction of the American Express Community Stadium or the “Amex” and previously Falmer Stadium. It now serves as the current base and home of the club which can seat 30,750 people and is valued at £93 million. Furthermore, he was responsible for the construction of the fully equipped American Express Elite Football Performance Centre. It was for these contributions that he was voted and awarded as “Brightonian of the Year”.