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Behind the Man: Tony Bloom

April 21st, 2016

The meaning behind a person’s given name is quite a fascinating topic, don’t you agree? How many times have you wondered whether the actual meaning behind your name matches the person that you are? Well, Tony Bloom’s does and here’s why.

Tony was actually born as an Anthony Bloom in town of Brighton in the United Kingdom. Anthony/Tony is an English name that had Roman and Latin origins and has been in use since the medieval ages. It means “highly praiseworthy”. People with such a name are said to be influential and has a great command and leadership among people.

Does it actually match the person that is Mr. Bloom? Is he really a highly praiseworthy man, a leader and an influencer? Here are a few noteworthy things about him. We’ll let you decide.


His love for the sport began at a young age with several members of his family supporting football and investing in it not only emotionally but financially as well. As a matter of fact, three generations and over forty years of Blooms have done so. His grandpa Harry served as the Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. vice chairman in the 1970s and his uncle Ray was a director in the 1980s. It was no surprise when he followed suit in 2009 and became its chairman up to the present.


Before he became chairman, Tony has already supported the sport and the club since the year 2000 as one of its major investors and stockholders. He was known to have helped ‘personally’ finance the American Express Community Stadium (aka Amex and formerly the Falmer Stadium) as well as the American Express Elite Football Performance Centre which are both currently operational.


Because of his contributions and devotion to the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club and the sport in general, he was awarded as the Brightonian of the Year in the same year that he became chairman of the said club.


In order to fight poverty in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and Africa, he has founded a charity called the Bloom Foundation together with fellow trustees Linda Bloom, Adam Franks, Marc Sugarman and Marcelle Lester. Tony Bloom is also known to ardently support the cause of his wife who was previously diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She too set up a charity called the OMS (Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis).