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Why is Football Effective in Building Soft Skills

October 27th, 2017

Football is perhaps one of the most physically taxing sports there are. If you think about it, there’s a lot of physical skill that goes on in playing it. The field is pretty massive too and a player can easily run 7 to 9 miles on average per game. And we’re not even starting yet. There’s mental and emotional skill that goes with the sport as well.

Simply put, football is more than just your average ball game. It builds an overall roundedness and requires mental, physical and emotional skill which it also develops through time. It’s no wonder that the sport is effective not only in helping develop stronger and leaner bodies but also in building soft skills that are useful in the game and in life as a whole. Care to wonder what these are?
1.    Strong Interpersonal Skills
Football is a team sport and anyone who plays learns the value of cooperation as well as leadership. These require the ability to work with others. It also heightens one’s sense of sensitivity and empathy towards people whether or not they are part of one’s team.

2.    Effective Communication
Communication happens across varied platforms. Oral and written are just two. Let’s not forget that communication is also an instinct. We can send across messages through body language. The sport teaches not only effective communication but also helps improve one’s understanding towards the needs of others and the messages they may want to send across.

3.    Ethics and Professionalism
Hard skills can only do so much. Even the most talented person will realize that lack of ethics and professionalism is a killer. Nobody would want to work with people without them. Football is governed by rules and it takes someone who understands them and their importance to thrive in the world.

4.    Problem Solving

The game is fast paced and very physical. One has to come up with a solution given a time constraint and various elements on a constant roll. Because football teaches one to be alert and aware, it helps an individual better their problem solving skills over time.

5.    Focus and Attention to Detail

Lastly, football develops a person’s focus and attention to detail. As mentioned, it also takes a lot of mental gymnastics to play the sport. Plus, identifying and analyzing various factors during a game helps one develop their keenness and attention to various aspects and details.