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Tony Bloom’s Advocacy on Poverty and MS

August 16th, 2017

An advocacy is defined as the active support to a certain cause. This can be verbal, physical or both. Charities and foundations are built upon and are surrounded by these advocacies, each one different in what they stand for and support. When it comes to poverty and Multiple Sclerosis, Tony Bloom is one man who makes sure that he makes an impact.

As someone who has achieved success through sheer hard work and risk taking, he knows fairly well that a game not only lies in the player but also in the cards dealt to them. Not everyone is given the same opportunities and is born in the same circumstances. That alone can create massive impacts and variations in people’s way of life. It is also because of it that poverty exists.

As much as we try to think it through, life isn’t fair. There’s a lot of disparity in this world and it has taken its toll. Not everyone can fend for themselves and the only way to level the field is by offering help. We don’t have to be enemies; we can be each one’s accomplices or comrades. Wouldn’t that be a better world?

In 2011, Tony Bloom created the Bloom Foundation under that premise. He wanted to ease poverty and end it. It’s a long shot but it’s better than doing nothing. Together with four other trustees which includes his wife Linda, they created an organization whose primary vision is to help people.

The charity focuses on education and training, employment, livelihood, projects, community service, life saving and preserving efforts, famine relief and similar other activities that support their cause. Their areas of focus include the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe and the developing nations in Africa and Asia.

Linda-Bloom-1140x660Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is a charity founded by Linda Bloom, Tony’s wife. He’s a trustee and fellow founder too which makes this the second charitable endeavor by the couple together. It helps patients with the said disease to understand their condition, take appropriate measures and make better informed decisions in terms of healthcare.

About more than a decade ago, Linda suffered from MS too which rendered her from doing things as simple as picking up a pen or getting up from a chair. With the help of an evidence-based lifestyle approach, she managed to get her condition under control and is now better. With Tony Bloom, the couple wanted to extend help to other patients of this rare condition through the charity.