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Brits and their Top UK Sports

May 11th, 2017

The United Kingdom is home to many things. First of all, it houses one of the most prominent monarchies in the modern age with Queen Elizabeth II as the oldest living monarch in the world and the longest reigning female British monarch. It’s got topnotch tourist attractions that draw in millions of tourists every year without fail from natural wonders to jawdropping structures to even the entertainment industry. The bustling business industry cannot be overlooked either. It’s no secret that the country’s capital city of London is the world’s financial capital. But apart from these, the Brits are known for their massive love for sports.

The UK may be famous as a football loving nation but they also celebrate a number of other sports. Here is a list of their favorites for each category in no particular order.


Seeing as it’s the UK’s mational sport, (Surprise! It’s not football.) cricket holds a special place in every Brit’s heart. It is described as an outdoor sport played by two teams of eleven players using a flat bat, a small hard ball, and wickets. A player scores by batting the ball and running, while the defenders can get a player out by bowling and hitting the wicket, catching a hit ball, or running the player out. It’s one of the oldest games in history and it’s not leaving anytime soon or at all.


As mentioned, this ball game holds the title as being the most popular in the country. Not ony is it exciting to watch a match but it’s a great workout too as it involves kicking and passing a ball across a massive field. With a traditional league system and over a hundred teams with a number being the most prominent in the world of global football (e.g. Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool), this athletic event is almost sacred.


Using rackets to strike a shuttlecock back and forth across a high net, badminton can be played in two categories: singles or doubles. It exceeds other sports in its category even tennis. The Brits have long loved the game. As a matter of fact, the Badminton Association of England was established way back in 1893.

How about you? Are these your favorites too? What other UK sports do you think deserves a shout out?