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Tony Bloom and the Adjectives that Perfectly Describe Him

November 4th, 2016

tony-bloom-doncasterBorn as Anthony Grant Bloom, Tony Bloom, has made quite a name for himself in various aspects and fields. From business to sports, the man has achieved not only success but also a fair amount of appreciation and admiration among peers, sports aficionados and more importantly the citizens of Brighton. He was beloved so much for his contributions that he was voted and awarded as the town’s Most Outstanding Citizen back in 2009.

But if we were asked to sum Tony Bloom into adjectives, we’d pick the following.

  • Passionate – Destiny and blood may have brought Tony to become the current chairman of the Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club but passion was what kept him going to give all he could to the team and its fans. It was no secret that his grandfather became deputy chair in the seventies and his uncle was director during the eighties. But it was passion that drove him to contribute the best he could to the point that he not only gifted the Albions a new home, something they’ve thirsted for after 12 years of not having their own stadium, but also a fully equipped training facility both worth millions each.
  • Smart – Before his stint as the Albion’s chair, he was first a businessman and entrepreneurial risk taker. His smarts and careful tactics have led him to grow his own empire which later on he used to purchase majority share in the club and which also helped him back up the funds needed in the construction of the stadium and training facility.
  • Hardworking – Many of his employees and colleagues would refer to Tony as a man of a few words. He doesn’t talk much but he sure does a lot of walking. He’s pretty hardworking and persistence as evidenced by his growing business and football achievements. He’s not one to bow down early.
  • Charitable – Married to Australian-born wife Linda to whom he has a son with, Tony Bloom is also a philanthropist in his own right. He set up the Bloom Foundation which has for many years been fighting poverty in various areas of Europe and the developing nations in Asia and Africa. He has likewise supported the organization set up by his wife called the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis foundation for which he ran two Brighton marathons for in order to raise both funds and awareness for the said cause.